Local Law 106

//Local Law 106

Local Law 106

LL106 of 2019: New Tenant Protection Plan  Requirements

Changes going into effect on November 10, 2020, include:

Moving the Tenant Protection Plan from prior to approval to prior to permitting requirement.

Requiring the registered design professional responsible for TPP issuance to be retained by the project’s general contractor (as opposed to the building owner) with few exceptions (refer to service notice) Mandating a statement signed by the permit holder that certifies the submitted TPP “coordinates with the scope of work intended.”

In simple words, This Mean?

Design applicants issuing plans for renovations and alterations in mixed-use and residential buildings will no longer be required to include tenant protection plan notes on their drawings or to sign and submit the TPP1 form. All that will be required for plan approval, starting November 10th will be a note on the drawing sets cover sheet that indicates a tenant protection plan must be submitted prior to permit issuance.

DOB Enforcement for not having the TPP at the construction site means the issue of violations to Contractors.

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