We have maintained highest standard of quality, safety and satisfaction to every project. Bash Development provides sidewalk shedding, sidewalk bridging, shoring and scaffolding services to a wide range of construction and building needs. Our top-notch scaffolding services fully compliance to industry standards ensure safe work environment for employees, public and surrounding neighborhood. Take advantage of our extensive experience and operating skills in scaffold design, shoring, erection and dismantle work fully competent to meet any industrial and commercial application. We committed to bring safety and satisfaction with every project of any size. Our skilled and trained labor, engineers and staff capable enough to design, control and coordinate scaffolding, sidewalk shed and sidewalk bridging for particular construction, restoration and renovation work.

Bash Development is well recognized name among professional general contractors in New York construction industry build a strong reputation with quality services in the field of interior, exterior renovation, painting, roofing, waterproofing, masonry and structural repairs. Rely on us for safe, reliable and satisfied scaffolding throughout Tri-State area of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. We can assist home or building owners and property managers with safety concerns to minimize the risk and building damages.

Our mission is to become your dependable and reliable source for any sidewalk sheds and scaffolding needs in all five boroughs of New York City, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island and Manhattan, Suffolk County, Nassau County. Get satisfaction with every erection with our fully licensed, insured and effective Scaffolding Services. When you need safe and better scaffold and bridging in Brooklyn NY, Count us on quality, safety compliance and reliability.


A sidewalk shed Is a structure built over the sidewalk and around the exterior of a building, while work is occurring, to protect pedestrians from falling debris; also called a Sidewalk Bridge or Sidewalk Shed.

At Bash Development We doesn’t simply install the safest, best trying sidewalk sheds within the town we tend to conjointly customize them to our customer’s wants. we will match the color and content of your whole to maximize exposure for your company.

That’s why Bash Development works with their purchasers to make the foremost esthetically pleasing product on the market. the primary tread on this job was to make associate degree fashionable metallic element cover that will be tall enough to permit guests only a few obstructions. Our brushed metallic element system was simply the price ticket.

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