10 Key Reasons Why New York Window Replacements Help You

//10 Key Reasons Why New York Window Replacements Help You

10 Key Reasons Why New York Window Replacements Help You

The list of reasons to replace your New York windows with today’s quality windows is endless. Not only do new windows help to enhance your home’s aesthetics, they also offer energy savings.

Did you know that the majority of the air you treat with your gas or oil furnace or central air conditioning system escapes through the windows? This is because glass is not very efficient for blocking energy transference.

Even standard windows of today are much more energy efficient than standard windows manufactured ten to fifteen years ago. New technologies make this possible.

With quality window replacement, you can substantially lower your energy bill. Here in New York, they can make a huge difference.

Here are some key reasons why you will want to contact a good remodeling contractor for replacement windows

  1. The cost of replacement windows can often be offset with rebates and tax credits. You can find rebates from utility companies and government entities for energy efficient window replacements. Contact your energy company or local window dealer for details on energy incentives that can help you lower your energy bills significantly.
  2. As we mentioned, you can save on your energy bill with window replacements. There are high quality windows available today that can block up to 99% of the sun’s UV rays that heat travels on. Imagine how much you can save with the wide range of choices available today.
  3. Old windows can be dangerous and very frustrating to use. Cracked glass or loose panes become more dangerous in cold weather as they get cold and brittle. Children or anyone playing or sleeping near an old window can be in danger. Trying to pry up old, stuck windows is equally dangerous.
  4. Old windows may contain lead paint or lead in the grills or other metal areas. Lead poisoning is not something to deal with. Upgrading the windows ensures you have safe access to opening and closing them.
  5. Mold loves moisture, and windows that have old sealant is the prime location for it to take hold. Mold can be a life threatening substance that spreads throughout your entire home.
  6. Replacing your windows eliminates moisture and cold problems. It also helps to keep dust, dirt, and pollen out of your home.
  7. Soundproofing properties are available in replacement windows today. New technologies manufactured into today’s windows keep sound outdoors where it belongs, and keeps your indoor sounds private.
  8. Old single pane windows tend to freeze open or shut when it’s cold outdoors. They feel icy and develop frost, increasing the risk of breakage. They are highly inefficient at keeping your home warm or cool.
  9. Replacement windows do a lot to bump up your curb appeal and interior aesthetics. You can find many styles today to go with the architectural style and colors of your home.
  10. Today, you can find very efficient windows for replacement at great prices. Vinyl windows offer you a lot and are the most affordable kind. Contact your local New York Remodeling Company, Gotham Builders, for the best prices whether you are interested in Vinyl or any other replacement window options.

Please feel free to give us a call to learn more about window replacement, or request a free quote. 1-646-715-5053. Or reach out to info@bashdevelopment.com.

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